Neovision was Neopet's TV station. It has been deleted from the site, though. Users could submit videos for anyone else to watch. There were daily, weekly, monthly and yearly popular videos, and people of any age could create a playlist of their favorite videos. Neovision could be accessed by clicking "Video" on the top taskbar. However, you must have been thirteen or older to submit a video. Occasionally, most often during special events that affect the whole of the site, you would see videos from TNT.


Users could add any videos to their personal playlists. To begin your playlist,you would watch any videos and decide whether or not you like them. If you do, then you would look at the video you just watched. Next to the "Play/Now Playing" button, to the right, there was a button that said "Add to Playlist". Click that. If you wanted to add more, repeat the process. When you have all the videos you want, you would go to the Neovision taskbar and click on the button that has a star and says "Playlist". When you get there, a yellow bar with two options will be above your videos. You would click on "Save" whenever you're ready to leave Neovision--that way your videos won't disappear. To clear the playlist completely, click "Clear Playlist", which is right next to "Save". To clear one specific video, go to the video's name and click on "Remove from Playlist". Then, save again, and leave if you're done.