Neopia Central is located on the front of the Neopia map. It's the big hamburger next to the rainbow.


The most well-known symbols for Neopia Central are coins or a big hamburger, since the hamburger symbolizes the Food Shop in the main square. In the main square is the NC Mall, a popular recently-created mall that uses a currency, Neocash, to pay for the items in it--customization objects and Neohome extensions. To the left of the main square you can see the links to the Plaza and the Bazaar. There are hotels, art centers, hospitals, auction houses, and endless shops! Think you can handle it?


TNT is constantly adding sponsor links to Neopia Central, in the main square, Bazaar and the Plaza. Some examples from the past have been Kid Cuisine, Six Flags, Cocoa Krispies and Nickelodeon. The How-To-Draw page can be found in the Art Center, accessed through the Chia statue near the Money Tree in the main square.


There are no known secret links from Neopia Central.


There are no daily activities from Neopia Central, unless you count the free food from the sponsor events.


Neopia Central, the center of Neopia, appears small on the map of Neopia although it is a thriving, popular town. Many Neopians enjoy the daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly activities hosted there. Neopia Central will never fail as long as Neopians keep visiting it.