Neomail are messages sent from player to player throughout the experience on Neopets. Ever wondered about Neomail? Welcome to your answers.

Age Requirements

The age requirement is thirteen. Therefore, you can only send, write, and reply to Neomail if you stated that you were thirteen or older when you signed up on Neopets. If you submit articles, short stories or series to the Neopian Times, you will eventually recieve a Neomail from TNT saying whether or not your entry got published. A user of any age is allowed to read and delete this. If you are under thirteen and wish to use Neomail, you need parental consent. Clickhere to get it.

Who Neomails You

If you make Neofriends, they can Neomail you. TNT can Neomail you. People who aren't your Neofriends can Neomail you. long story short: If you can Neomail anyone, anyone can Neomail you.

Identifying People

Identifying who Neomails you is an important skills. For instance, if someone who Neomails you is talking about something inappropriate, you can recognize their username and report them to TNT. Or, if you know a Neofriend's username, you can see if they've Neomailed you or you can read their message without wondering who they are. TNT's mailing address is theneopetsteam.

Identifying Neomail

How do you know if you've recieved Neomail? Look in the upper-left corner of the screen on any Neopets page, beside the Neopets logo, and if you see a message alongside an envelope icon, that indicates a Neomail sitting in your
Neomail Image

The image that would appear on the upper-left corner of your screen if you received a Neomail.

inbox. Click the envelope picture to read it, and you will be taken to your inbox. Look for the message in your inbox, and you will have the option to read, reply to, or delete it.