Kyrii are stylish, vain creatures that love to gawk at themselves in awe. Kyrii are loyal companions--if you can get them away from the mirror for enough time.


Singular: KEE-ree

Plural: KEE-ree


Kyrii are never caught dead without perfectly-groomed manes, and their ears are exceptionally large. Their eyesight is honestly good, and they can smell in a way that to most is keen. Their chests are large and furry, and their mane runs down their back. On each foot that have two toes, and on each hand they have three fingers.


The homeland of Kyrii is unknown, as these delightful creatures can be found all over Neopia.

Famous Kyrii

  • Advisor Wessle
  • Jacques
  • Stan
  • The Island Mystic
  • Capara
  • Admiral Kyrwinne
  • Prince Jazan

A Kyrii onstage at a performance