Kougras are tiger-like creatures that love pouncing and martial arts. If you treat them correctly, you could have a defender that aids you when your life is at stake.


Singular: koo-GRUH

Plural: koo-gruhz


Kougras are tiger-like creatures with stripes and enormous paws. They have tiny rips in their ears, most likely from tackling their friends and siblings. Kougras have a wide chest and are great Battledome fighters. They have claws and big, lovable eyes, and their reflexes are quite good. Kougras' teeth are sharp and gleaming, and their tails are striped.


The main Kougra homeland is Mystery Island, a lush, forested tropical island that features shops, exotic food, beaches, fortune-tellers, exclusive tours, volcanoes, and even a lost city! Kougras adore martial art-training at the Training School run by the Techo Master.

Famous Kougras

  • Fire Paw
  • Jake the Explorer
  • Linae
  • The Masked Intruder
  • Oscar
  • Revenant of the Dunes
  • Rorru
  • Tyran Far
  • Zeirn
  • Rufus

A Kougra enjoying the sun by a beach at Mystery Island