Games Room

Neopets has over 1,000 games to offer. Some games you can play three times a day, while others allow 5, 7, or 8. Some things can only be played once a day. These chances are because TNT creates special offers in certain times of the year for gaming. For example, in May 2009, they created "May Madness", a program that allowed you to play three-a-day games five times a day for the month of May. There are specials like these and programs in the Games Room. Read on for more gaming tips, glitches, and specials.

Month-Long Specials

In some months, TNT may decide to hold game challenges and contests, however the most well-known is Daily Dare. This special occurs in random months, two or three times a year. The object is to beat the best gamer in Neopia, nicknamed AAA (Aristotle A. Avinroo) or his little sister Abigail. Each of the two sets a high score for a certain game (there is a new one every day) and you have to beat one of the scores for the daily game. You can choose to challenge both of them in one day, or choose one of the siblings. This process continues for a month. At the end of the month you win a trophy depending on who you challenged, who you won, who you lost to and your gaming score.

Another special is the New Game Challenge. Every two weeks or so, TNT comes up with a new game and places it in the Games Room. You click on the game and you will be taken to the NGC (New Game Challenge) homepage, where you will see AAA, Abigail, or their Cybunny friend Lulu. To challenge Lulu, you will have to go to the NC Mall and purchase a special ticket.

Anyway, the NGC is very similar to Daily Dare. Each of the three challengers sets a high score of the newest game TNT created, a score that you have to beat. The prize you win each day is greatest if you challenge AAA, slitghtly worse if you take on Lulu, and worst if you challenge Abigail.


With over 1,000 games, plus specials and retired games, the Neopets gaming experience is incredible. Every game earns you Neopoints. See the shortened list below to play hidden games: - Dino Brush Teeth - Kau Korral - Magical Marshmallows - Matching Madness - Neowardrobe - Wadjets and Ladders - Yullieland

NOTE: Please be aware that some of the hyperlinked games above have been PERMANENTLY RETIRED and cannot be accessed by anyone anymore.