An Eyrie Neopet is a Gryphon-like neopet that was originally called the Cerpull.It was then renamed the Tatsu. Then the Eyrie! The Cerpull's original design looked more like a dragon than a gryphon. It can be painted these colors:

Baby Blue Brown Camouflage
Checkered Christmas Cloud Darigan
Desert Disco Electric Faerie
Fire Glowing Green Grey
Halloween Invisible Island Magma
Maraquan Mutant Orange Pink
Pirate Plushie Purple Rainbow
Red Robot Royalboy Royalgirl
Shadow Silver Sketch Skunk
Snow Speckled Split Spotted
Starry Striped Tyrannian White

The eyrie is very playful but also ferocious. They live in the tropical climated of Neopia.

The Eyrie is the 8th most popular neopet. It is featured in 103 items and 14 pieces of Battledome equipment.

See my Eyrie here!