Chias are cute Neopets with a heart of solid gold. They are faithful companions and will stick by you forever.


Singular: CHEE-uh

Plural: CHEE-uhz


Chias have a tuft of hair on the tops of their heads, and like an Aisha's, their eyes are sealed shut, although their sight is fine. They don't have fingers or toes, and they have no ears. They can hear fine, however, and their hair is always darker than their color. Their bodies do not have fur, just skin. They also have no noses.

A Chia sitting atop a rock.


The homeland of Chias is mainly unknown, as they are found all over Neopia. However, many experted Neopians claim that Chias are from Neopia Central.

Famous Chias

  • Chiazilla
  • Highland Chia
  • Chia Clown
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