Aishas are mystical creatures that have four ears (six when painted Alien). They love fortune telling and will do anything to build a long-lasting friendship.


Singular: EYE-shuh

Plural: EYE-shuhz


Aishas have four ears; two long ones in the middle and two small ones on either side. When painted Alien, however, they have four long ones and two small ones. Aishas' eyes appear to be closed, however they can see perfectly fine. There is, however the exception of a few Aishas whose eyes are open. These Aishas were blessed by a rare Bottled Faerie that gave them the ability to open their eyes completely. Most Aishas have a red collar with a yellow "A" on it, however it is able to be taken off when customizing your pets. Aishas have short, stubby limbs and a somewhat curled tail. There is a picture of an Aisha on the Wiki's logo to the left.


The main Aisha homeland is the Lost Desert, a vast, sandy desert consisting of two cities: the thriving royal city Sakhmet (sark-MEHT) and the recently discovered Qasala (kwah-SAW-luh), a once-incredible city that was destroyed by the former prince's father's curse that made him turn into a minion for evil. The city was buried in sand and dust for about 820 years. The land itself now has palm trees, pyramids, oases and endless mounds of sand, covered by the beaming sun.

Famous Aishas

  • Hoban
  • Jerdana
  • Aisha Thieves
  • Princess Sankara
  • Isca
  • Caylis
  • Lady Osiri
  • Abigail
  • Kyishi the Limbo Queen
  • Mrs. Prenderghast
  • Princess Amira
  • Remnok the Noma

An Aisha by the Pyramids of the Lost Desert