The Neopets Wiki (TNW) is proud to have you read it. On TNW, you can read all about the hottest Neopets activities--games, expoloring, messaging, collecting, and more, or just read biographies on your favorite Neopets. Get the dish on The Neopets Team (TNT) or just hang back and chat on the Neopian Message Boards. Make Neofriends, build a Neohome, adopt up to four pets of your own, run a shop, submit articles to the Neopian Times, or just chill out by the beaches, snowy mountains, coral reefs, the moon--Kreludor, or all at once. The possibilities to anything are endless at, or on TNW! Why not have some fun? Do you dare to continue, at the risk of never going to any other website again...? Not everyone is brave enough...

Here are some basic terms used on TNW and the Neopets website:

NP Neopoints
NB Neoboards
TNT The Neopets Team
TNW The Neopets Wiki
NF Neofriends

TNW is your personal resource to the contests, pets, games, and lands of Neopia--not to mention plots, submissions, and fun! Nothing has ever been more convenient or easy to use!

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